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Top paying ptc sites – How to earn with these Sites FAST

So you want to start earning some extra cash for free online . With these sites above you can easy make $1000 a month or more but read more below to find out how.

We will give you a great strategy in how to earn fast cash with all these sites using the neobux Strategy . This works and you can use it on all the other top paying ptc sites it works 100% . Using the strategy will have each site weekly gaining profit each week with your profit doubling.

Neobux Ultimate Strategy Guide

There’s no mystery to profit at neobux, or a concealed technique to profit without any endeavors. Here is how to start earning fast with Neobux strategy follow the steps below.

Step 1

Signup up or login if your a member already. Then start by clicking on the view advertisements button on top of the website when logged in. From here all you will see is a load of different colour box’s . Pink, Green and Orange make sure you click all the ads by starting from the pink ones.

When you click on a ad it will then show a red dot which you need to next click the red dot. This will verify your click to make sure your not a bot as these sites don’t allow cheats. Once you click the red dot it will load another page with the ad and timer will load.

The timer will start once finished it will show green tick showing your click as verified and you been paid for that click. Now close this page and click the next advertisement and do the same , Do this with all the remaining ads. Each colour represents value on how much you will get paid for your click.

Step 2

Once you clicked all ads and viewed them it only takes daily 10 to 15 minutes . Do this every single day making sure you Importantly always click the Orange ads which will explain further down. May take a while if you are wanting to do this for free to make money but carry on with this guide and the time and efforts will pay off . You will see why these are the top paying ptc sites online in 2017 which really do work .

So you click daily and remain active daily as well as only doing this for 10 to 15 minutes . This will be worth the clicks don’t worry that it takes time but to speed things up this is a great step to do. When you make over 0.66 cents you are then allowed to rent referrals BUT don’t rent them just yet. Many people do the optional idea where they buy there rented referrals BUT optional this guide is to show you how to earn freely.

So try get your balance what you are earning cash up to at least $1.50 or more. Then once you made this much you can rent referrals why rent well rent referrals help double profit.

The best strategy is earn weekly and you then rent referrals every week. You must earn enough to rent referrals this is the best PTC SITE way to earn fast. And this trick works 100% and can be used on all top paying ptc sites. So earn over $1 and then rent 5 referrals, You then be able to rent more in another 7 days. But make sure you click all your ads especially the orange ads.

Step 3

Reason why I say make sure you click all the ads is because the more you click the more you earn. Not just cash but points which the points come in handy. The orange ads is the ones you MUST click daily , there is always 4 orange ads click them . This is a must because if you click these you will then earn from your referrals the following day.

When you rent referrals we get these for 30 days, yes great way to earn cash with good profit. Can you earn cash without renting ? Yes but you won’t earn much if you don’t rent. When you rent referrals every week you get paid to click your ads and you also get paid the following day when referrals click there ads. Every 2 or 3 days click on your rented referrals to make sure there earning well for you.

If you notice some referrals haven’t clicked for around about 3 or 4 days try recycle these. Every so often also keep check on them to make sure there not going to run out you will need to extend them.

Step 4

So you reached this step and your journey is looking promising . Your clicking daily and renting weekly keep doing this until you get to 300 rented referrals. Now 300 rented referrals is good , still maintain them making sure you extend them and recycle the poor clicking ones. Once you have maintained and keep eye on them just keep clicking as You can’t rent any more just yet. Now many people fail at this at times as they make a lot and cash out , Which you can cash out when ever you have $2 or more instant payments.

But if you want to earn a lot of cash am going to carry on with this step and help you earn triple daily on what you are earning now . This is why this is one of the top paying ptc sites world wide. So carry on clicking every single day get your balance up to $90 or more and then click upgrade and choose golden upgrade. (Note if You Upgrade you soon be on $50 a day easy) .

WOW now you will notice you can rent referrals again and make sure you keep eye on referrals . Click daily and try get up to 2000 rented referrals once you have 2000 rented referrals and you are clicking daily. You can easy earn $50 a day and cash out when ever you want. If you happy earning $50 a day. Now Keep clicking and earning daily keep checking referrals and only if you wish there is one more final upgrade once your balance is above $900 which is OPTIONAL only using what you make . As this is the free way and then get to 4000 rented referrals . In which you be then earning between $120 to $140 a day.

This is why these are the top paying ptc sites that pay high they really do work and are free to do. If members are wanting to earn cash super fast then try adding funds on there ptc sites. Buy rented referrals and upgrade on there accounts and this is super fast way to earn . Other wise just use the above if you want to earn cash free online with the worlds top paying ptc sites.