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YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube Subscribers – Getting Started With Few Tricks

So you want more free YouTube Subscribers and maybe also video views free. Well now you can and also few tips below will help you with your video to get more exposure. Please read on as these top tips and tricks to help you gain the exposure your channel and videos need. So check below we will give you 2 main top tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers and also gain more Video views.

Tip number 1 – Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is an excellent way to get more people to find you on YouTube easier and get the exposure and traffic you need. And also help your video Rank in YouTube.

This works well on Google Chrome browser and fire-fox as this is a popular extension. So make sure this is the first extension you install on your browsers. The extension can be used as free , You won’t get many features BUT you will have the main features.

Google Chrome TubeBuddy Extension here.

Fire-fox TubeBuddy Extension here.

Once installed when your using YouTube with this extension activated you will see the odd pop-up. These pop ups are great tips. This extension will help you with titles and tags for your video. And also they have great suggestions on tags so fill out your title and description.

Then when You were done don’t put in tags as yet, under the section where the tags go it will say suggestions. Click on suggestions and it will suggest what tags to use for your videos. Now just add all the tags by clicking the green cross next to the suggestion tags.

I did this now what?

Now once you have done all this save all the settings and come out of the video editor. Go on your video you just been changing and while its playing scroll down.

Under your current views and under your video click on tags. When it finishes loading on each tag it loads it should if ranked well now should tell you what rank each tag/keyword is in YouTube Search Results.

Example :

YouTube TubeBuddy

Like this for the example, if someone typed in top paying PTC sites, Then my video will show 1st. This is my video above and the work I did to find the right tags. And also you can promote one video with another ever so simple and easy. Go to the section now called stats, This will tell you how much potential your video is worth and how many shares your video as. The more shares the better we will Show you the best way to share your video for free to 1000s in a moment.

When done this click on Tools, this as options to promote your video with other videos of yours in one click. So hope this new extension really helps you like it as helped me and thousands more. Also if you find most your tags ain’t ranking well then try work on more views on YouTube videos. We show you how to do this below and build your YouTube Subscribers!

How To Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Many of us daily use YouTube weather it’s looking at funny videos like “cat funny videos” or for business. We see some have 1000s or some even millions of  free YouTube Subscribers. How are the getting them and how can we get them is there a free way to get them.


You can get them for free and not just YouTube Subscribers but also for 1000s of members to share your YouTube videos all over.

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Now once you got a lot of points, Click on add new. Then go to add a new page and then choose on the drop down YouTube Subscribers or YouTube Video Likes or what ever suits you then add your channel or video to the site.

If You add your YouTube Channel then you will get plenty of Free real YouTube Subscribers. So the more points the more subscribers. So why not try it it’s totally free and easy. With all these tips on our blog, you will become more popular and get great free YouTube Subscribers.

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